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Screw foundation for the construction of buildings of the working village of the right-bank construction site at the object “Bridge crossing over the r. Ob in the Tinner yard in Novosibirsk ”
Used screw pile foundations series FM24 76 * 2500
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Dear Vadim Evgenevich! For the device of the pile foundations for the buildings of the working village of the right-bank construction site at the facility “Bridge crossing over the r. Ob for the Tinner Works in Novosibirsk (Russia). In June 2010, your organization was recruited as a subcontractor for the supply and installation of 169 FM24 76 * 2500 screw pile foundations for three modular buildings produced by Avista Module LLC: Building 12 , 0 x 17.5 m; The building is a dining room with a size of 9.0 x 27.0 m; The ABK building with a size of 12.0 x 30.0 m. From September 2010 to November 2014, all buildings showed no movement of the top marks of the piles from the design values ​​(subsidence and buckling), and there is no destruction of the protective zinc surface layer screw foundations. Sincerely, Chief Engineer of the Bridge Building №38 of the Novosibirsk branch of OJSC Sibmost M.V. Melnikov
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Dear Vadim Evgenievich! In March 2012, within the framework of the arrangement of the central industrial site of the Branch of OJSC "KOKS" - LLC "Mine them. Ca. Located in the Leninsk-Kuznetsky district, within the administrative boundaries of the Podgornovo rural territory, the contracting organization Avista Module LLC (Novosibirsk) supplied and arranged 145 pieces of BAU screw pile foundations. values ​​of piles top marks (drawdown and buckling), and also there is no destruction of the protective, surface zinc layer of the screw foundations. We consider the choice of galvanized screw taper piles of TM BAU justified and optimal for supporting such structures. We are ready in the near future to apply the products of BAU Group LLC, since we appreciated the main advantages of your technology - installation speed, quality, Availability and reliability from Delions. Sincerely yours, Director of Mine to them. S.D. Tikhova »Ushakov Andrey Alexandrovich

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