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BAU screw foundation is a metal case of a pipe with a cone encased and welded with a multi-turn helix at the base, and with various tips, in the upper part, for fixing building structures. Products, depending on the design task, are available both with galvanized whole surface of the product according to GOST 9.307-89 "Hot zinc coatings" (ISO 1461-89), and with painted outer surface with primer GF-21 or other anticorrosion compositions, as well as untreated surface (black).


Screw foundations of "BAU" are produced since 2011 on its own production in accordance with TU 5260-001-86841766-2011. All technological processes of production and products are constantly monitored by our specialists. All our products are certified, underwent field tests and are applied on the basis of R. BAU.09.09.11 “Recommendations for designing BAU screw piles for civil, industrial and engineering structures” approved by the State Expertise and SRO RAASN. The quality of raw materials and services used in the production is confirmed by passports and quality certificates.


Our company was founded in 2008 and began its activities to promote the technology of screw foundations to the construction market. In 2011, production was organized under its own brand BAU (TM BAU).

Technology advantage

The use of this technology makes it possible to more efficiently and economically carry out work related to the installation of foundations for the support of engineering structures on public roads. And in particular: - Save time and human resources due to the high speed of the foundation device at any time of the year and in any weather; - Save on materials and operating costs associated with the use of cement, crushed stone, sand, water and earthworks when constructing the foundation; - Save due to the very long service life of galvanized screw foundations, versatility and reusability.

Import substitution

The screw bases of "BAU" are a product replacing import analogs. Analogs are manufactured in Germany, the Czech Republic, China and South Korea. The degree of localization of its own production is 100%. Full cycle production, excluding hot dip galvanizing. Galvanizing services are provided by state-owned companies: Siberian Contact Networks (RAO Railways); Elsie Stalkonstruktsiya (RAO UES ).

Winter installation

Screw foundations BAU - an ideal solution for builders whose orders in winter fall. A customer choosing a construction site in the winter does this for two reasons. 
1. The desire to save money. 
2. Ability to choose from construction companies that are idle out of season. 
Accordingly, a builder who can offer a gain in price and speed of work automatically receives an advantage. Reliable pile-screw foundation of BAU eliminates all the difficulties of working with concrete (selection and addition of additives, delivery and heating of the mixture, attraction of equipment) and provides significant budget savings. We invite to cooperate construction companies and brigades interested in actively building in any season - both in summer and in winter.

Dealer network

Certified Manufacturer

Today BAU Group LLC is the only certified producer of galvanized cone and black piles at its own production and sells its products through the network of Trade and Service Partners in the Europe and in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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Benefits of our dealers

Deliveries throughout the territory of the Europe and the CIS
Recognizable brand. Screw piles "BAUFUNDAMENT" are in demand and used throughout the territory of the Europe and the CIS. Convenient location of warehouse complexes.
Favorable dealer conditions.
Low threshold of entry into the business. The possibility of high income. Business development with the support of the manufacturer
Work with dealers
24-hour technical support. Product training and technology. Installation training, installation supervision. Professional assistance in the selection of equipment. Forwarding incoming customers to authorized dealers. Joint participation in exhibitions. Having your own design department allows you to make calculations for the technical task and the project. The presence of the design office allows you to develop and produce non-standard products to the needs of the customer.
Certificates and quality passports
All manufactured products have certificates and quality certificates, as well as full-scale tests.
Own production.
Direct deliveries without intermediaries. Short production time. Productivity from 9000 products per month on automated equipment. Continuous availability of finished products in warehouses.
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