Six good reasons to choose us
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
Russian steel
We produce our piles from Russian steel
German Technology
We use the ISO quality system
Own production
Рave been producing for over 14 years
Hot-dip galvanizing
Protects steel from corrosion in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly
We use the ISO 9001:2015 quality system
We supply products to 14 countries of the world
Pile foundation technology
  • High speed of work

    Works are performed faster, less labor costs
  • Without attracting heavy machinery

    it is possible to install the piles manually or using pneumatic / power tools
  • Perfect technology for installation in rocky, coarse-grained, bulk and man-made soils
  • Mounted both in summer and in winter, when work with concrete is not carried out
Foundations «BAU»
these are galvanized tapered screw piles of robust construction!
  • Pile shaft.
    At the base of the pile –
    is a cone tube, (1)
    cased on a cone. (2)

    Barrel pile.
    Thanks to this durable reinforced pile tip, the screw foundation is easily screwed into the soil
    and allows you to cut even dense, frozen and semi-rocky soil

    Steel spiral.
    Multi-spiral helix welded to the body, contributes to the twisting and compaction of the soil.

  • The cap.
    Upper part of the screw base.

    The top end of the pile is welded on or inserted into the tip with a flange, which is designed for mounting support elements and supporting structures. Headroom involves various embodiments depending on the construction rests. This allows you to easily attach to the pile of any building materials.

    Cone and spiral.
    The cone and the spiral work together in such a way that when the base is screwed in, the soil is compacted around it. Compress the soil up to 10 times and create a "glass" in which the pile acquires high bearing and anchor abilities.

  • Zinc anti-corrosion coating (outside and inside)
    The protective coating provides reliable protection of the entire structure against corrosion, external chemical influences and aggressive reagents, as well as damage during installation in the ground. This guarantees a very long life span of BAU screw foundations

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About company
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